Our gastronomic social club with capacity up to 60 cocktail or seated type. , in line with the rest of the restaurants in the group, in terms of service quality, due to its breadth and distribution, it has the particularity of hosting different types of events such as:

Celebrations for groups, presentations for companies, tastings, pairings, cocktails, showcooking, performances, and much more.

Equipped with HD televisions and audiovisual equipment is the only place in Barcelona that does not charge rent for those who make their reservations for meals, dinners, brunches and snacks associated with an event.

The Comunitat Trenta3 adapts to any need, and changes its distribution depending on what the client wants, making possible the best event because we take care of everything necessary.

Pairing dinner with Moritz Beers13 June 2019

  • Dinner by Oscar Galindo with an exclusive selection of Moritz Beers.

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